Will Arnett, Michael Shannon Joining Josh Brolin in “Jonah Hex”

Jonah Hex promises to be a fairly badass pulp western, with Josh Brolin playing the titular surly, scarred-up ex-Confederate bounty hunter, Megan Fox as his pistol-packin’ love interest and John Malkovich as an angry plantation owner blaming Hex for the death of his daughter, and now we’re hearing a bit more about the plot along with the news that both Will Arnett and Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon have joined the cast. Shannon will be playing Doc Cross Williams, who runs a brutal gladiatorial circus event, and Arnett will be taking on a not-necessarily-comic role as a “Union soldier who enlists Hex,” which raises the question as to whether or not director Jimmy Hayward is planning to change Hex’s history in the Confederate army. Moreover, we’re now hearing that Malkovich’s character of Turnbull, Hex’s nemesis in the film, is also a voodoo practitioner trying to raise an army of the undead. This puts the movie squarely in comic-book territory where it belongs. How awesome will it be to see Josh Brolin and Megan Fox slingin’ bullets against Malkovich Zombies in the old west? Doesn’t it seem like Malkovich just ought to have a zombie army of his own anyway?

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