Chris Pine as Green Lantern?

How awesome would it be if Captain James Tiberius Kirk was also a Green Lantern? True, it’d be better if it was William Shatner, but Warner Bros. seems to think the new Star Trek star Chris Pine might do in a pinch. IESB says that the rumor du jour is that Pine is the top choice to play Hal Jordan, daring test pilot turned emerald ring-slinging space cop in Green Lantern. The similarities between the two concepts – working for peacekeeping organizations made up of various aliens in space describes both Starfleet and the Green Lantern Corps – match up as well as the characters of Kirk and Jordan, who are both swashbuckling daredevil lotharios. If Pine pulls off the former, fanboys will sure as hell love to see him take a crack at the latter. Who wouldn’t want to see Captain Kirk wielding a magic ring that’s only limited by his imagination?

Watch the latest Star Trek trailer to get a sense of what Pine can do.

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