JJ Abram’s New Fox Show Marketing Campaign Perplexes Audiences

Matt Reeves and Lizzy Caplan of Cloverfield

JJ Abrams is no stranger to mysterious marketing (new marketing term!), where nondescript cues are utilized instead of the outright name of the product. The producer used this type of strategy to market the film 'Cloverfield', with his famous 'Slusho' scenes in Lost which ultimately led viewers to websites advertising the new film.

We guess it did so well he’s bringing it to the small screen for Fringe, a new supernatural show starring Joshua Jackson, coming later this year to Fox. Mysterious ads are appearing throughout American radio as well as certain websites like automobile.com and familyoven.com, giving out clues that should ultimately lead viewers to the show. “We didn’t want them to sound in any way like a traditional radio spot,” said Laurel Bernard, VP of Fox Marketing to Yahoo! News. “We wanted them to be disruptive and a little mysterious sounding.” But she said this very mysteriously!

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