Cloverfield Gets Viral. Again.

Remember the Slusho? When producers of Heroes were pimping out their show to promote the new film Cloverfield? Well, they’re at it again, asking users to pimp out their MySpace pages, Facebook profiles and blogs with a new Cloverfield widget that displays 5 minutes of the film. But wait, there’s more! Those eager enough to pimp themselves out for the film are also eligible to win great prizes:

The top 20 people whose widget is grabbed the most will win a prize. 1st Prize is your very own hometown screening! Three 2nd Prize winners will receive one Panasonic HDC-SD1 AVCHD 3CCD High Definition SD/SDHC Camcorder, four 3rd Prize winners will receive one Panasonic DMC TZ1 digital camera, and twelve 4th Prize winners will receive a Cloverfield prize pack.[]

My very own hometown screening! Wowie! You mean this quaint little town called Los Angeles just might get a chance to screen an actual big time Hollywood movie premiere? Well, golly gee, I better get right down to business, and enter the contest. Click on Grab This below, to help my little village out and also click here to watch the trailer at Fancast.

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